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NJPC is a registered trademark for all our Jigsaw Puzzle concepts.

We believe that successful people are confident, have the right attitude, right set of life skills and a strong ability to multitask. Research has proven that jigsaw puzzle lovers enjoy great benefits from improved memory, better problem solving skills, improved visual-spatial reasoning, increased IQ, delay dementia and Alzheimer’s, improved mood, lower stress level, increased attention to detail, increased productivity, better collaboration/team work/relationships  (classifieds.usatoday.com). Additional benefits to adults include accelerated ingenuity, production of dopamine and psychological relaxation. All these are encapsulated into building successful persons.

DeeDee Globalis promoting the concept of puzzling as a learning tool across all ages. In collaboration with partners and sponsors the National Jigsaw Puzzle Competition was launchedGhana in 2020.

Below is one of our inspiring products for toddlers. Kindly click the link and place your order 

  • Educational Magnetic Puzzles for children 3+

Five different themes to choose from

Each theme comes with a bonus set of Alphabets (BIG and Small) and Numbers

  • Happy Farm+ Alphabets (BIG and Small + Numbers)
  • Forest + Alphabets (BIG and Small + Numbers)
  • Cartoon Animals + Alphabets (BIG and Small + Numbers)
  • Robot + Alphabets (BIG and Small + Numbers)
  • Farm + Alphabets (BIG and Small + Numbers)