Good Corporate Governance

Promoting Good Corporate Governance Structures within NGOs, CSOs and CBOs including Churches etc. From experience, most institutions that are not for profit quite often than not take leadership and structural processes for granted.

We have a special unit with long standing expertise solely in  assisting organizations to institutionalize their operations. We assist our clients to realize benefits of operating within a structured establishment.

Such benefits include having:

  1. Functional Teams/Structures
  2. Empowered Leaders
  3. Strong Accountability
  4. Effective Resources Management
  5. Sustainable growth
  6. Increase bonding and sense of belongingness
  7. Return On Investment (ROI)
  8. And many more
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Catering Services

DDG is a one stop hub for event ideas. As part of our events we provide expert nutritionist advice on suitability of dishes. Our menu suggestion is founded on health and wellness, creative/attractive presentation as well as consistency.

We pride ourselves in our ability in providing a wide variety of culinary creations with special emphasis on highly nutritious indigenous Ghanaian/African dishes and drinks. Our team of Chefs and Cooks have expertise that meet every demand.

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Bride & Groom Attire
Catering Service
Traditional Wedding
Royal Wedding
Bachelorette & Bachelors Party
Cocktail Party

River Cruise Board Meetings, Conferences, Awards Ceremonies & Other Events

At DeeDee Global we provide  companies and individuals opportunities to educate, reward and entertain their Board, Management, staff and other guests in an elegant, comfortable safe and serene atmosphere with exceptional fine dining experiences across the Volta lake.

It’s an exciting way to offer your delegates access to other once-in-a-lifetime on board experiences.

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Theme Decor
Wedding Shopping
Hospitality & Guest Management
Mountain Wedding
Beach Wedding
Garden Wedding
Birthday Parties (All ages)
River Cruise Parties
Sports Parties

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