Language is an aspect of the soul and a constructive self identification (Fishman, 1972). It is the most effective means of maintaining our ethnic identity. Below are a list of flash cardsto promote the learningof some basic Ghanaian languages. Our objective is to make learning Ghanaian Languages fun. Kindly contact us and place your order. Delivery services available across the country at a fee depending on location.

• Ga Series
Vol 1. – 2-in-1 value packs
1. NINMAA OKADII(Alphabets) kɛSUI (Colours)
2. YIBƆ(Numbers) kɛKOJI (Shapes)
3. KOOLOI (Animals) kɛ AMRƐMRƐI (Insects)
4. ADUAWAI (Fruits) kɛ SHWEE (Vegetables)

• Asante Twi Series
Vol 1. 2-in-1 value packs
1. Twi Atwerɛdeɛ (ALPHABETS) neAhosuo (COLOURS)
2. Nkontabudeɛ (NUMBERS) ne Nkonta-ahyɛnsodeɛ (SHAPES)
3. Mmoa (ANIMALS) ne Ntummoa (INSECTS)
4. Nnuaba (FRUITS) ne Atosodeɛ (VEGETABLES)

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