Who’s Ghana’s Best Orator?

Using Our Speaking to Influence

Inter-Schools Public Speaking Competition is an annual speaking contest which runs across Senior High Schools in Ghana.
This year, Ghana is heading for major polls on December 7, 2020 i.e. Presidential and Parliamentary elections, it is on that score that DeeDee Global is collaborating with the National Peace Council to bring you Ghana’s Best Orator. It’s aimed at getting the youth to use their speaking to influence.

Students from Senior High Schools across Ghana can participate in the 2020 Virtual Contest by sending VIDEOS of their speeches on the respective topics.

COVID-19 comes along with its challenges and benefits. These virtual sessions encourage students to gravitate towards smart technologies and contemporary IT resources in achieving their goals more efficiently and effectively while respecting the new norm of physical distancing in a Covid-19 era.

The theme for this year’s Competition is “Silencing the Guns: The Peace of Ghana is in my hands before and beyond the 2020 elections”. This theme emanates from the 2020 African Union and NCCE’s themes.



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