Workshops, Seminars, Conferences and Creative Gatherings

Our team of experts would help you organize that seamless and professional conferences, workshop, seminars or any creative gathering etc. We would handle everything from start to finish – from stage set-up, backdrop, lighting, searing arrangement, media publicity and many more.

We provide: Keynote Speakers (Link to speakers) – Often overlooked is the importance of having the right speakers with the right expertise.

At DDG we provide industry experts (Local & International) who appeal to your audience. We also provide suitable Panelists, Moderators, Conference setup and logistics.

Our themed sessions include but not limited to: Leadership Seminars, Mental Health, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Team Building, Conflict Management, Emotional Intelligence, Work life Balance, Diversity and Inclusion

Catering services

Staff Retreats

Our staff retreats take your organization to the next level. As a policy we work alongside your team to build a tailored-made agenda with expert facilitation before, during and after the retreat that will set the stage for output that matter.

If you want to know how to make your next team retreat meaningful, kindly contact us

staff retreat

Workshops, Seminars, Conferences and Creative Gatherings

This is a special package designed to rejuvenate Top Management /Senior Staff who often than not are stressed out as a result of their heavy work schedule.

It’s only at DDG you can find such unique concept that brings a day or two team breather to revitalize and increase cohesion amongst our bosses.

For an exciting package, please contact us

Banquets/Dinners/Gala/Awards Ceremonies/Anniversary Celebrations

At DDG we ensure your special occasion has the WOW factor with strong theme and elegant lighting. We bring out that unparalleled feeling of prestige and great satisfactions well as guarantee a lasting impression with high return on investment. If you’re seeking a professional event management company to assist with creative ideas to celebrate that special occasion or that significant milestone, then look no further – contact us at

Company Fun Days/Moments

Our company fun days/moments are an excellent ways to build your team spirit, create brand advocacy and motivate staff. Your fun day can be any size and any theme as our company is always bespoke to you. While liaising with your team we will organize and run the entire day and give you that unique experience you wish for your company.
Activities include: Back in Time Sports Day, Beach side Themed activities, Fête champêtre (Picnic in the park), Festival Fun Day – To celebrate company’s anniversary or significant milestone and many more

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