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DeeDee Global Limited is an Educational/Academic Event Management organization registered under the regulations of Ghana’s Companies Act 1963, (ACT 179).
As concept implementers we:

  • Subscribe to better development of academic knowledge/professional skills at all levels.
  • Support intellectual processes through provision of user friendly and self-help educational materials.
  • Provide resources/create event platforms that make learning fun.

As a Foundation we also provide resources and personnel for our environmental saving projects labelled Green Aesthetic Pleasure, this is in addition to our dedicated concepts for Kids Creativity, as well as Gender, Peace and Security Events aimed at promoting sustainable development in Ghana and beyond

To make learning fun at all levels

The best sought after Educational/Academic Event Coordinators



Adopting friendly approaches to learning has become necessary in our modern day. At DeeDee Global we are committed to promoting teaching and learning that is fun-based and learner targeted.

Our core mandate is to consistently create academic/educational events as well as Teaching and Learning Materials (TLMs) that make learning fun at all levels. Acknowledging that there are varying degrees of intelligences available in the classroom settings, it is critical that all learning instructors adopt teaching methodologies that provide Targeted Instructions to achieve desired output in learners. 

Contact our team of experts to provide instructional support to teachers and care givers who are determined to make the best out their students.

#DeeDee Global – Learn by Fun!

Acting Director - Dorothy Mamle Amanor